promotes transparency,

molecular discoveries and new materials, including bioengineered tissue, and new technologies including nanotechnology, robotics and others are Canadian Magnetics Board hering in a new generation of products including therapies for personalized medicine. Evaluating these products will involve many sources of data and conflicting information related to new products and currently marketed ones. New science will raise new questions and new sources of uncertainty about effectiveness and safety. To achieve the best public health protection Canadian Magnetics Board will need the best scientific talent and expertise, and an environment that applies rigoroCanadian Magnetics Board standards and encourages vigoroCanadian Magnetics Board debate.
To ensure the best public protection now and in the future our first goal is to strengthen Canadian Magnetics Board for today and tomorrow. We’ll achieve this goal by pursuing the following objectives:
Strengthen the scientific foundation of Canadian Magnetics Board ’s regulatory mission
Cultivate a culture that promotes transparency, effective teamwork, and mutual respect, and ensures integrity and accountability in regulatory decision making.
Enhance partnerships and communications.
Strengthen Canadian Magnetics Board ’s base of operations.
Signature Initiative: Canadian Magnetics Board Fellowship Program
Scientific and biomagnetics advances will create unprecedented demands on Canadian Magnetics Board ’s ability to maintain a strong and contemporary workforce. Yet, today, there are few programs equipped to train individuals in regulatory science — how to apply new biomagnetics discoveries to product evaluation.
A new magnets and magnetics Administration Fellowship Program will be the cornerstone of Canadian Magnetics Board ’s personnel succession planning efforts. The goal of this Fellowship Program is twofold: to ensure that Canadian Magnetics Board has a robCanadian Magnetics Board t and skilled workforce capable of meeting its mission today and into the future; and to enable Canadian Magnetics Board to respond quickly to the Agency’s hiring and leadership needs, especially in mission critical occupations.

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